How you can edit a PDF without using a PDF editor

Place yourself in a position of an editor, then you get work in a PDF format, and you get several items that are crucial and need changes. You don’t have an original copy in word, and your client is on vacation, making it impossible to connect him or her quickly. The book is urgently needed, what will you do? You can opt to edit PDF online.

It’s possible to edit PDF files using two main methods; editing in the PDF editor or converting PDF to word document.

How to edit in a PDF editor

Although editing in a PDF editor is the priority for many, it not as easy as it looks to be. The first step is to have that particular PDF editor in advance to handle the task required. Most of these PDF editor tools are expensive. Adobe acrobat for professionals is an example of these editor tools, and it charges $200, which may be more than your set budget. The budget has to be strained for it to be acquired.

Secondly, one must invest your time to learn and familiarize and learn how to use all the features in that particular software. Most of these software’s are complicated. More time is spent looking for options that can highlight and track all spelling mistakes. However, this can be sorted automatically using Microsoft Word.

The last step is to download the PDF file using the author password. The author restricted others from editing, copying, or printing. You can’t edit a PDF without the set password.

Converting a file from PDF to word

An alternative way is to convert a PDF file to word. You can convert a file from a PDF to word then edit it in MS word. Almost everyone knows how to process a document using MS word efficiently. Editing a document in MS word is much easier than in PDF. The important thing is to have an excellent PDF to Word converter to help you achieve your set goals.

When you are selecting the best converter, consider the conversion quality. All elements need to be converted, including all texts, images, hyperlinks, equations, and even tables. PDF converters are many in the market currently. Using the best criteria mentioned above, select the best PDF converter to use.

The free PDF to word converter

Though free, these free PDF to word converters like HelloPDF ask complicated math questions for you to get a for just once registration code. After some time, you will have to undergo the same procedure before you perform any conversion.

PDF converter with restriction remover

These tools are not for free, but they have restriction remover features. At times downloaded PDF documents from the internet may have restrictions to stop copying, editing, and printing. The requirement will be to contact the owner for the password and permission. When using the restriction remover, this dilemma is solved completely.

After completing the editing, don’t forget to convert your document again from word to PDF. You may use free online creators that are cost-free and simple. MS Word 2007 allows you to save it as a PDF.

Download the best converters today, install and try them for free.

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