How to Paint Your Dog portraits

Paint your dog photo to make a collage unique to your canine friend. Transform your favorite pictures of your pup with the same picture on canvas. Dogs have a way of making us smile and having fun with their antics, so why not take advantage of that and paint your dog a portrait? Custom paint your dog paintings of your dog are now available. Transform your dog’s image into a masterpiece of art by using a unique photo canvas that is sure to become an heirloom gift you can be proud of.

Dog Portraits in Oil

Portraits of Two Dogs Painted in Oil – Transform your two dogs into two lovely works of art in one fell swoop. Create a portrait painted in beautiful, oil paint using a photo supplied by you and paint one dog in black and white and the other in color. Merge both pet portraits into a single awesome oil painting.

Family Portrait Painted in Oil – Creates a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of love and friendship with your loved ones by creating an original family portrait. Select two dogs painted in different poses and then turn each dog upside down over a photo supplied by you. Paint one dog in color and then paint the other dog in black and white. Blend the portraits to create a gorgeous collage of love.

Dog Portraits in Soft Colors – Create soft-colored dog photos for your special pup. Transform your dog photo into a beautiful piece of art by using a soft neutral color on top of the photo. For example, if your dog photo is in black and white, add a touch of brown to create an incredible collage of your dog’s splendor.

There are many reasons people love buying an animal portrait and want to have a permanent memory of that special pet. Custom pet portraits are great for graduation portraits, weddings, anniversaries, and just for general use. There is no reason why the owner of a beloved pet should have to go without a picture of their furry best friend. Custom pet portraits provide a wonderful way to not only capture that important and beautiful moment in time but also to keep a beautiful memorial for the loyal companion who was always there for the family.

These are just a few of the many wonderful ways to create unique photo paintings for your dogs. You can take a photo of your dog and use it as the base for the painting. If you would like to have more control over how your photo is painted, then use a variety of oil paints and brushes. Have your friends and family help you paint these portraits, and have them review your work. After they’ve had a chance to look at your two dogs painted together, they’ll be sure to tell you how great they look!

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