A Guide to Learn About Various Types of Floor Carpet Installation

Floor carpets always provide aesthetically good-looking surfaces and also provide a warm climate inside the room with a feeling of comfort and luxury. The floor carpet also helps to reduce the unwanted sounds inside the room by absorbing them.

Benefits of carpet flooring

·        Comfort

Floor carpets are soft and comfortable. It feels much better and relaxed while walking on carpet floors compared to hard surfaces like tiled surfaces or concrete surfaces. It will be much more pleasing to sit and relax on a carpeted floor after a hefty day of work.

With the added comfort, it provides shock absorption. So carpeted floors are not only comfortable it’s easier for the body for walking and standing for a long period.

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·        Safety

Hard surfaces are slippery and can cause serious injuries when you fall on them. Carpeted floors would provide much more safety for children and even elderly people. Carpeted stairs would provide very much grip and chances of slipping can be reduced drastically.

·        Sound absorption

Carpeted floors provide much more sound insulation and absorption compared to other hard surfaces. Depending on the material used sound absorption can be increased and can create a quiet and calmful space inside the house.

Types of carpet installation

Carpet can be retrofitted to the floor in many ways. Different carpet shops specialize in one technique which they find easier for them. Some of the commonly used installation techniques are Glue down, stretch in, cut to fit.

·        Glue down carpet installation

Glue down carpet installation is classified into two categories: Direct glue down and Double glue down

Direct glue down is the most commonly used carpet installation process in which carpet is directly glued into the floor. For this to be done the floor must be smooth. They are suitable for large areas and are durable due to a lack of flexing. These are less comfortable compared to other methods because of the absence of padding.

Double glue down is similar to direct but the padding is glued on top of the floor and the carpet is glued on top of the pad. Due to the presence of this pad, it’s much more comfortable and provides better insulation. But this will be expensive compared to the direct glue method.

·        Stretch in the carpet installation

These are commonly used in homes. Here the tack-less strips are glued on the edges of the room and padding is provided in the centre. Then the carpet is attached to the tacks around the room.

This method is quick and efficient and easier to remove the glued-down carpet. But these are not suitable for very large areas.

·        Cut to fit carpet installation

It is a simple method in which the carpet is cut according to the size of the room and laid down loosely. Here carpet can be laid with or without the pad. This can be used on surfaces that get easily dirty so it’s easier to clean the carpet. The main disadvantage is, carpet can shift or move as it is not fixed.


These are the 4 main types of carpet installation methods. It is important to regularly clean your carpets to keep them free from bacteria.

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