Some Skills You Must Teach Your New Dog When Welcoming Them In Your Home

When you and your family are getting ready to welcome a dog into your home, it will require lots of training to ensure that your dog is well-behaved and obedient. You will want to teach your dog various commands to help you control them and ensure that they are well-behaved in public and in your home. You can train your dog yourself, take them to dog training classes, or choose a residential dog training centre to teach the skills your dog requires. Below are some commands you will want your dog to know to ensure they are obedient and fit well into your family.

House Training Your Dog

One of the first things you must teach your dog when they arrive at your home is where to go to the toilet. You will want to try and get your dog into a routine of going to the toilet, and you can do this by giving their day structure. Feed your dog at the same time and also walk them about the same time daily, and you will soon figure out your animal’s routine. Reward them when they get things correct, and they will quickly learn where and when to go to the toilet to keep you happy.

Teaching Your Dog To Sit

Next, you will want to teach your dog how to sit nicely and remain seated until they are given the command that they are free to move. It is one of the first things taught when you and your dog attend dog training in Scotland and can help focus your animal and have them receptive to other commands you will give them.

Teaching Your Dog To Stay

You will also want to teach your dog to stay, which will have them remain in position until they are told they can move, which is often a difficult skill to train. You will need to find what motivates your dog, as some are motivated by play, while others are motivated by food. You can use their preference to help them focus and learn the command, so they are obedient when told to stay.

Teaching Your Dog To Come

You will also need to train your dog to recall, so they will come to you without hesitation when they are commanded. It is a difficult command to teach when your dog is excitable, so you must do lots of practice with them and teach them to focus. You can slowly increase the distance you get them to stay and then give them the order to come, and with practice, it will be a task they are excellent at doing.

Teaching Your Dog To Drop It

Another handy command to teach your canine is to drop whatever they have in their mouths, and it is a command that will get lots of use, especially if your dog is playful. You can teach them the command in a fun way using one of their favourite toys, and they will soon learn it so they will obey when commanded to drop what is n their mouth.

These are a few commands you will want to teach your dog, and for ideas of other commands you may want to teach them, you can click here.

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