Planning Your First Long-Distance Trip In Your New Electric Vehicle

When you have recently got an electric vehicle, and you are planning on taking a long-distance trip, there are many factors you will need to consider. Electric cars have a limited range, so you will need to plan your trip accordingly and ensure you stop off to recharge your batteries along the way. There are also other factors you will need to consider, and you can get some help planning your long-distance trip below and ensure you arrive at your destination in plenty of time.

Download An EV Charging App

When you search online, you will find plenty of EV charging apps you can download that can help you plan your long-distance trip. These apps will show you where all the EV charging stations are so you can plan your route and ensure plenty of options to charge your vehicle along the way. It can also show you when a charging station is out of order, which is common, and also the quietest times for the charging stations you are thinking of using. You can click here to see some of the best EV charging apps you can download to your phone, which will make it much easier to plan your long-distance trip.

Planning Your Route

You will need to take your time in planning the ideal route for your journey, and the most direct route is not always the best when deriving an electric car. You may need to go around the houses somewhat to plan a suitable route for your trip and ensure you have convenient places to charge your vehicle along the way. You can use the EV charging app you downloaded to your phone to look at the various charging options along the way and see which ones are quieter. You will also want to choose places with EV chargers that have somewhere to relax and maybe get some food while you wait for your vehicle to charge, so you do not have to sit in your car and wait.

Adapt Your Driving Style

When you typically use your electric vehicle for short trips, you often do not have to worry about your driving style. However, when going on a long journey, you will need to adapt your driving style to ensure you maximise the distance you can get with your electric car. Before starting your trip, you will want to ensure you have a full charge, and you will need to drive as smoothly as possible to maximise the charge of your vehicle. You will also want to use regenerative braking as much as possible, which will help you maximise your distance and avoid using AC if possible. Where possible, try to use the motorway so you can travel at a constant speed and keep your windows up, so your vehicle remains aerodynamic.

With some planning, you can travel long distances in your electric vehicle, but it may take you a little longer than in a conventional car. You will need to ensure that there is somewhere suitable to charge your vehicle when you reach your destination so you can travel home again and not get stuck.

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