Vendita Oracle Compliance: A Cost-effective Database Auditing

Vendita provides organizations a better way to manage their databases no matter where they are located, whether be on the Cloud, on the premises, or hybrid.  Vendita offers a tool known as Mass Automation Solution (MAS) alongside being a licensed Oracle reseller. This Vendita Oracle Compliance makes it easier for self-auditing. This gives a 21st-century solution to database management!

The Vendita Oracle Compliance: What is it?

It becomes difficult to make an extra expense for updating licenses or programs that haven’t been used for years or were downloaded in a company’s system without the awareness of the same. But the self-auditing feature of Oracle can save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although some companies would risk an Oracle audit rather than assessing their compliance themselves.

No matter however a company is out of compliance due to impromptu hardware refreshes, simple human error, a lapse in the tracking of a project, or inadequate documentation, the least of the worry should be the Oracle audit. Because nobody wants an audit to be complex and expensive. This is where MAS comes up.


It avoids any complications or inconvenience in an audit. Mass Automation Solution enables an organization to avoid such possible compliance issues. The MAS Oracle auditing tool can present a snapshot of everything there in one’s system and clients can have all of their history and records within a blink of an eye. The historical record of everything that has been done can be run to be compared with the present environment.

It can-

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Achieve standardization across all databases

What does MAS Oracle auditing do for an organization?

There are multiple benefits of getting Vendita Oracle Compliance for a growing company. Below are the advantages this database solution can provide an organization seeking cost-effective auditing-

  • Core counts associated with the overall architecture of the Oracle
  • Server by server analysis of both software and hardware
  • Detailed analysis on Enterprise Edition options that are currently in use such as tuning, diagnostics, etc.
  • Differentiating between the environments running Standard Edition vs. Enterprise Edition
  • Analysis of the underlying Vcenter architecture for the exposure of license
  • Logging ability highlights all changes taking place in the environment
  • Easily accessible auditing and changes

How does the MAS Oracle audit work?

Using the MAS Oracle audit is actually quite simple.

  1. The first step includes the MAS collecting and entering all hardware data in the MAS compliance.
  2. Then MAS gathers the software data for all the servers an organization is using.
  3. At last, MAS packages the data and starts saving it to make this process even simpler the next time it is required.

This makes a company aware of the risks present in their environment of databases so that they can optimize and right-size their Oracle environment.

MAS offers something better than simplicity for DBAs. It saves a company from compliance risks and saves thousands of dollars at the same time on unnecessary auditing expenses. Vendita Oracle Compliance is what an organization needs to avoid a time-consuming and invasive audit process.

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