How to keep your phone safe from cybercrime

Has your phone ever hacked? It’s a traumatizing scenario when an intruder gets access to your phone with the help of the ever-growing technology. You can avoid cybercrime, and you don’t have to do an iPhone repair whenever your phone has been hacked. The following simple steps will keep your phone and the information stored in it safely.

Measures to take to prevent cybercrime

Install security software

Install security software to protect your phone from riskware and malware. They have password managers; thus, your login data is kept safe. It works the same way as the antivirus works when you install it on your phone. It will give hackers sleepless nights every time they will try to hack your phone.

Create strong passwords

Are you still using your pet’s name, home name, and favorite person’s name as the password? If so, you are at risk. Have strong passwords with at least eight characters. Combine numbers, symbols, and letters in your password to make them stronger and hard for an individual to guess. Don’t use a name that can easily be guessed as your password. If you are afraid you can forget the password, then consider password managers.

Update your software

Always update your software every time you are prompted. Updates come with features to fox security threats like hacking. Failing to update givers hackers an added advantage.

Avoid unfamiliar apps

Before installing any app, take time, and scrutinize it seriously. Downloading apps anyhow may leak your data to hackers. Use search engines to search the developer’s name, and you will get information on whether it’s safe or not.

Turn off unnecessary features.

Every feature that you are not using should be turned off. The Bluetooth, GPS, and even WI-FI should be off when not in use. This is when you are using public free WI-FI. While on free WI-FI, don’t access your sensitive information like banking and paying bills. A phone can easily be manipulated when it’s on a public WI-FI.

Regular bank statements and mobile charges

Most of the fraud cases are geared towards financial loss. Almost every time you will be hacked, you will lose money either from your phone bank or other banks. Have a clear record of financial transactions that happen in your bank and through the mobile phone. In case of any disappearances, take quick measures to stop the hackers.

Scrutiny of financial records should not only be a measure to prevent fraud. It should be a continuous process to ensure you are always safe.

Maybe you are not in a good position to protect your data. It may be because of limited time or lack of resources to do it. What you have to know is that your safety is not guaranteed when you are not involved. Fraud is on the rise to manipulate to steal from you. to be safe, invest your time and resources to ensure that you are safe from this threat.

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